A very special episode of WombatChats

Everybody, everybody!

Matt is out of town and not paying attention to Facebook so Justin and I were doing a little chatting, as we sometimes do, and it struck me as funny so I wanted to post it here for your reading enjoyment. Like Matt said, this isn’t staged and it isn’t just for the hour a week we record….this is actually what we are like…all the time. It’s a wonder we are both married and not locked up in a special home somewhere. This is 8 minutes of our lives that we won’t get back and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Andy out.


So I have been doing Wombatcast.com with Justin and Andy for almost a year now, and it amazes me how much the show is just the tip of the iceberg. When I used to listen to the show, which ended when I started being in it …  What can I say? I can’t stand listening to myself. I kind of annoy me sometimes… anywhooo …, I was always amazed at how quick the repartee happens. I always wondered what they did to perfect their skills. Did they go to impov training? Did they get a Masters in Ceremonies at College? I never figured it out until I sat in with them, because the technique is so simple. You say dumb shit all the time, giggle like schoolgirls, and figure out how to make the next fart joke. Umm Yeah, that’s it. No intelligence is required, only the desire to break each other up until someone squirts a little pee and has to run uncontrollably to the bathroom.

So back to the tips and icebergs and stuff, I was reading through old FB Chats from the past year and I realized something. We never stop. It’s not just an hour of silliness for the show and listeners, this is just who we are. So I decided we should share some of this with y’all, our wonderful fans.

So welcome to the first installment of WombatChats. It’s a behind the scenes look at how we talk to each other and what we say when no one is looking, which ironically is how we act on the show.