Remodeling For a Brighter Future

OK…we don’t have an episode today. I am sorry about that. Truth be told we did record yesterday, but the quality wasn’t there. There have been some behind the scenes discussions on our desire to keep WombatCast fresh and fun. I think last night we realized we need to make some changes and what we recorded wasn’t good at all.┬áDon’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere and WombatCast is going to move forward! We have already been discussing what is best for us, the show, and our loyal fans.

So please be patient while we figure out what WombatCast 2.0 will be. No one likes change, but sometimes you need to tinker with things and make slight adjustments to improve things. We are going to take at least another week to meet and discuss. Hopefully in a week or two the next episode will roll out and we will move forward again!

What can really help us is you, our fans, to give us some feedback on what we can do to make the show enjoyable. I asked this already on our FB page and the forums, and I am asking again. What do you like? What do you want to see changed? Is there a kind of topic you want to hear the three of us talk about? Let us know here or on the forums!

We will return…