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Justin on Mic

Justin on Mic

Friend of the show, Temmogen, tweeted the following:

Which led to this reply:

Well then it was on.  We went back and forth for a good part of an afternoon.  And we decided a good old fashioned game off was needed.

We would run a game based on the Inception movie idea in our chosen system.  Temmogen will use Cyberpunk and I will go with Savage Worlds, Agents of Oblivion.  We will come up with some basic concepts that each GM must incorporate into the game.  A pool of players will be randomly spilt up to play in one of the games.  And then a scoring sheet will be used to determine who did it best.

Here are the rules (subject to change):

  • Game must be Inception like.  In other words a dream insertion team.
  • Game will have to include three elements.  An NPC, an item, and a third wildcard that will be suggested by listeners.
  • Multiple elements will be submitted in each category with myself and Temmogen writing up the NPC and item.  Which will than be drawn by a third party.
  • Each game can have up to six players.
  • Players will be randomly assigned to one game or the other.
  • A scoring system (agreed upon by both GMs) will be used and scored by the players to determine the winner.
  • Winner wins pride.

So there it is.  We need your help for the following:  Go here to suggest a third element which may get selected to be in the game.  Do this by March 9th.  And if you would like to play leave a comment on this page or FB (email may become an issue over the next few weeks due to some technical work) and I will put you on the list.

The date of the game will be sometime in late April or early May.  An exact time and place is TBD.