57 Channels and Nothing On….

What’s your favorite TV show? And don’t give me some knee-jerk reaction based on what’s cool or hip or whatever you are watching right now. I want a deep and honest answer. Now you might be asking “What makes a favorite?” Is it based on most watchable? The one you’ve seen the most times? The one you own the most seasons of? Maybe favorite is defined as the show you can’t wait to watch? Good questions, class. Well done. Also, no chewing gum and take off that hat, young man. Personally I think your “favorite” show changes over time – what is a favorite right now might be totally different in 3 months. I’ve had lots of favorite TV shows and sometimes I even circle back around to ones that have graced the list before.

I’ll wager most of you said Firefly or Dr. Who without even finishing the first paragraph. Why? Because if you are reading this you are a geek. Also because they are iconic I suppose; Firefly is the much loved short-season sci-fi western that everyone wants back on the air and Dr. Who is a show older than I am but recently redone in great ways. I love Firefly. I own every episode and have watched them all dozens of times, but I can’t honestly say it is my favorite (right now). I’ve seen exactly one episode of the new Dr. Who – Season 3′s Blink – and it was great. I don’t quite see the fascination yet but at some point I will get around to watching the rest of the seasons.

I don’t watch actual TV because I don’t have cable and I couldn’t make the digital receiver box work to get local TV so I have Hulu and Netflix. When Hulu pops up with new episodes of my most-watched shows, I always watch Community first – no matter what. I usually watch American Dad after that unless there is a new Castle and then it comes down to how much free time I have. I usually go with Family Guy, Grey’s Anatomy, and 30 Rock. I rather enjoy Cops too and I don’t care what you think about that. The Office is in my Hulu lineup but watching it makes me twitchy sometimes so a lot of times I’ll get 5-10 minutes in and just switch it off. Glee isn’t in my queue but I’ll load up the new episodes and fast-forward to the singing parts if it is a song I like. I really wanted to love Terra Nova but much like Lost, I lost interest once the sub plots outnumbered the cast of characters. Fringe is good but Season 3 isn’t as gripping as Season 2. Sanctuary was also good and then they had a musical episode and in my humble opinion jumped the shark.

My favorite show right now is Community. It’s funny, it’s quirky, the characters are deep enough to care about and the plots are silly enough to not get boring. I’m re-watching the whole run and I’m digging into Season 2 right now. I just love everything about the show.

I told you mine – now tell me yours!

Andy out.