Interview with John Noble

This took a while for me to get edited. Blame me. Sorry.

But Ayla was at StarFest 2012 and got an interview with John Noble. You have seen Mr. Noble in the hit TV show Fringe and the Movie Lord of the Rings: Return of the king, just to name a few of his many projects. This was Ayla’s first interview, but I think she did a great job!

I want to put a special thank you to the wonderful staff at StarFest who helped us get this interview and provided the video. WIthout them there wouldn’t be a great convention like StarFest to attend yearly nor would this video exist. Thank you again!

And of course we thank Mr. Noble for giving Ayla her first shot in what will hopefully be a career in celebrity interviewing.


No, Andy make Ayla cry.

So we all know the news now, but dont you think I won’t be heard on the subject! Andy has left, and I’m sad.

I’ve talked a little about how I got involved with Wombatcast…I think…maybe I should re-read what I’ve told you guys before I write this…give me a sec.

Nothing! I’ve told you guys just about nothing of my Journey with WombatCast….well…here goes. So a little bit over a year ago now my big sister tried out for the third Co-host position… Matt ended up with it which, ya know…happened. Before we found out who was going to get the spot I started listening to the show, in hopes my sister would be on it, and fell totally in love with it.

The final choice still hadn’t been announced yet when Free Comic Book Day rolled around last year and I decided (since they were going to be right near a place I had to go…) to stop by. That is where I first met Matthew, boy was he a riot…on his game…made me laugh out loud and oh…wait…that was Justin…sorry.

That’s when the saying my name on the show thing started…that next episode Andy asked me to be Mayor…I accepted…I think there have been a total of 8 episodes since that my name hasn’t come up…maybe 12 if you count the ones Andy wasn’t on…which I only do sometimes. (8 and 12 are totally random guesses I did not go and count how many episodes they didn’t say my name on…although I’d be surprised if it’s higher than that)

I couldn’t tell you how long after that we went to see Super 8 except that I know it was the night after I got in my car wreck. Yeah, yeah, yeah…all the world told me I shouldn’t have gone…but I’m better now and I had fun so shove it. Although I will give you this, my healing would have gone faster if Andy hadn’t chosen that night, the first time we ever met, to squeeze me directly on my ribs that were shifting because I HAD BEEN IN A CAR WRECK LESS THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE THAT. Great first impressions are great.

Stumble haphazardly ahead to when I won the tickets to my first ever convention courtesy of An event that should have been renamed “Andy picks on Ayla whenever he gets the chance” because…seriously…SERIOUSLY. I guess that’s where we finally set in stone the big brother little sister thing that had been looming the whole time…as in it was lingering shadily…not that it was using a loom…that would have to be some serious personification of the relationship…just sayin.

After that it was all fair game [fair- (s) not excessive or extreme; not... fair- (n) a traveling show; having sideshows and rides and games of skill etc. for clarification purposes], picking on me at Rise of the Wombat, tormenting me at Genghis con…which included the awkward moment when he stopped me in the parking lot to ask how it was that I made so many friends…Jealous much, Big Bro?

So as of this weekend…it’s the one year mark of when I made the choice to visit two people who were nearly strangers in a crowded parking lot. One of the best set of near strangers I’ve ever managed to meet. One year and now so much has changed…I went from being just a random fan, to being Mayor…to interviewing John Noble with a press pass supplied by them.

On top of that Andy’s leaving now…the voice and laugh that haunted me in my sleep for a year will no longer plague my Tuesdays…Yes, he has his reasons…valid as they are…I’ll miss that ruttin fool.

But my love for the show still remains and my devotion to it success will not waver. Justin is still here, YAY! and Matt…I guess… :P and they are going to feed this baby and watch it grow… and I’ll be happy to be here when and however they need me.

– The Mayor…till you take it away by force.


StarFest 2012 and Ayla…uh…me.

So as all of you but the most troublesomely uneducated *cough* as I was a year ago so sue me *cough* will know, StarFest is a weekend event so as I sit here stalling and trying to figure out if I want to cover it as a whole thing, story to story…or day by day…or event by event, which all come out to be about the same thing….I’m also messing around on Facebook.

I think it’s important to start the story where it started for me which is the text my big sister sent me telling me that Jewel Staite was going to be at StarFest this year and that I could meet her. That was months ago, and as happy as meeting Jewel Staite would have made me, It wasn’t something that was at the forefront of my mind until it got closer and I said to Justin that it was coming up and he contacted them about Press passes….sorta, the story is longer than that but this post is too long to begin with so let’s move right along now.

Although I didn’t know if I could tell anyone at the time, and for a long time afterward I wasn’t allowed to, I was told 3-14 (although not at 1:59 which I blame Justin for) that I was going to be getting a press pass. And. I. Flipped! There was just no way that I thought I’d be able to go…but I did. This is where we get to the story part of the story.

My awesome family and I got there Friday afternoon, later than expected of course but the time spent buying lemons was VITAL damn it! More on that later. We checked in (super awesome fun for you guys to be reading about) and I paced around trying to figure out what to wear to the Meet and Greet that I had bought tickets for so that I could meet Jewel Stait, still who I was most looking forward to see, and everyone else, who were also really damn cool!

So I’m sitting at the table with, okay hell I’ll admit I don’t remember who the first guest at the table I happened to sit down at was because the second person to sit down (directly to my left) was John Noble. Less than three minutes later we had our arms linked and were leaning on eachother, how? trade secret…yeah, that’s what we’ll call it. Then the bell that signaled that the guests had to switch tables chimed and he stood to leave I asked for a proper hug goodbye and got cheek kiss #1. the rest of the Meet and Greet progressed wonderfully with my 2nd favorite guest who sat with us being J. G. Hertzler who sat at our table for three rounds screaming things like “OH LEAVE US ALONE ALREADY!” each time the bell chimed. The final guest we had before we were all dismissed was Dee Wallace who talked A LOT and ended up sharing something with us that we had to promise not to tell people so (no really I respect that I wasn’t allowed to tell…sorry, it’s REALLY awesome!)

They announce that the Meet and Greet has ended, I stood, looked at the door…and walk pointedly away to see if I could find anyone I wanted to talk to who didn’t make it to my table. Such as seeing if Jewel had made it and just not managed to get to my table, turns out she was working, but I saw that the table John (Noble) was at hadn’t gotten up yet, and the seat next to him unoccupied. As I sat down he looked up from his story (about how Fox shouldn’t have canceled Firefly, Just sayin), looked me in the eyes and said “where HAVE you BEEN all night?” I replied “I know, I was supposed to be following you around, I failed, I’m sorry” I smiled at him took his arm and let him finish what he was saying.

Now comes the part where I made a mistake that I’d rather not relay over the Internet but suffice to say that the “getting Ayla an interview” ball was rolling and John seemed as excited about it as I was. After the M&G I was floating on air, I wandered around the atrium a bit till I made a REALLY awesome new friend wearing a toga (have I said yet that I love StarFest), then wandered around a bit with my niece…till I made the mistake of walking outside on 420 and nearly died, another story I’d rather not get into.
Despite not sleeping that night, not for the reasons you guys are thinking I promise. I got into the elevator and said to the group at large “so, the reason I gathered you all here…” which I was doing ALL weekend and managed to start the day off with a guy who was dressed as Captain Hammer in that elevator telling me that the hammer was his penis. I spent the day wandering around waiting for people I knew to find me or for new people to become friends with and also waiting for the phone call that would let me know if there was any way the interview could actually happen. Guess where I was when I found out (side note, do you know how hard it is to find a clip of Homer Simpson saying “Let’s just say I’m sitting in the right chair.” and how sad it is to me that some of you won’t get that reference from the episode where he tries to be Thomas Edison…but I digress). I got the interview, it was to be done at 6:30 that night and I was asked where I wanted it to happen.

About that time Justin finally got HIS ass to the hotel and boy did I have a story to tell him! We wandered, we chatted, we brainstormed about what to ask, he left. I went to stand in line for my photo with Jewel who had finally arrived. I was standing in line behind one of the many awesome incarnations of the Doctor who entertained me well enough that it seemed like only a little time had passed till I was standing next to Jewel with her arm around me and mine on her waist. (I was so gorram happy in that moment and no one got to see how happy it made me except my doctor…oh, and anyone who sees the picture).

The interview was still ahead and I was getting a bit stressed, wanted to relax…I..uh…overly relaxed and had to get back to a happy medium. When I showed up to the place that the interview was going to happen I found out that we were going to be taped…with two cameras…it was going to be like a REAL interview. John even walked in smiled at me and said “Well, it looks like we made it happen!”

So, with the interview done and my nerves totally out of control I went again in search of a friend…or an anyone really…I ran into someone who I had random bits of conversation with and hung out with him and his friends for the most of the rest of that night…relaxing and socializing in the way that nearly everyone relaxes and socializes on Saturday night at StarFest. Although I’m not sure how many people were slowly changing into random parts of a suit that they weren’t the only one wearing that night…

Sunday, the final day, came along quite promptly I found myself Cos playing Life with my niece and handing out lemons, except our last ones that we made into lemonade. Then sneaking up on people because, sometimes Life sneaks up on you, and turning everything into a really deep comment by figuring out how Life would react to something or what Life would say. That continued as my niece and I wandered around trying to find the people we each wanted to see the most, I never found mine…but it’s okay he was busy planning cool things for next year.

According to my nephew this is where I lost some nerd/ geek points because I decided to try and tan a bit and get a little sun while everyone was finishing up and heading to the car… I was just happy because the sun was warm on my belly.

StarFest was wonderful, the people I met were all really really awesome and I walked away with some real friends I hope. I also walked away with one of the most awesome moments of my life on camera.

–The Mayor

Facebook and the art of friendship

So recently I had a chance to sit and have a good long think…15 min later after I’d responded to all my Facebook notifications I realized I wasn’t doing the thinking I’d set time aside for. Then, it hit me…the book I had carelessly placed on the pillow behind me that must have dislodged just enough to fall on me when I decided to sit upside down in my chair.

While I was replacing the book on the bookshelf I started to think about what draws me to Facebook…why it is that each time I have a moment I sit down and scan it. Want a hint? It’s you.

Though it may not seem like it at times I am actually very picky about who I allow on my Facebook…If any of you think that you’ve made it on there without a moments consideration as my mouse hovered over the ‘Ignore’ button…think again. That goes for you three too boys…even if you are the hosts of Wombatcast…

I took inventory before doing this blog and of the 157 people on my friends list there are only 5 that I don’t have a story about, although there are 29 that I haven’t met yet in person. Now granted some of these stories are old, and some of them new…some of them borrowed…some of them blue. They are stories none the less and of the 5 I don’t have stories for…yet…4 of them are likely reading this as they are members of the Wombat Army, the other one being someone that I randomly friended because Facebook said he was the most compatible profile in my area…and random friends sometimes turn out to be the best.

If there is anything that ANYONE can say about me that would be accurate it is that I am a naturally social creature, would those of you who have met me disagree? Yet I find myself at times wondering just what Facebook has done to friendship. Yes I can chat with my HS boyfriend about comic books again and I can see pictures of my best girlfriends baby, but it’s almost shallow…I post a lot to Facebook, because I’ve got it with me in some way no matter where I am and yes…it’s open in another tab even as I write this, and when I took a month away from it, people around me were sad not to see what I had to say…But it’s not like I lost them, the ones who are most pivotal to my life have other ways to reach me.

Friendship has always been extremely important to me, Facebook makes that easier to maintain in some ways…but also makes it less potent. There are some friends that I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Facebook (all the people that Role Play in my Firefly group with me…and others) but there has been something that has gotten me more friends recently than Facebook and that is this podcast…maybe some day I’ll do a blog about how I didn’t really have a social group that didn’t involve borrowing friends heavily from my sister…but that won’t be today.

As it turns out, one of the best ways to get to know me is to be on my Facebook, because I’m not one of those people who is shy about what I post there…open book and all…and there are SOME things that I’m not cool with having on there…like my phone number but most people can just ask for that if they want it. I guess what I’m getting at here is that Facebook is fun and good and all for maintaining a very specific level of “friendship” where you can pick and choose each day who you want to talk to, who you want to ignore, and what you want to know about and hear from each of them.

My Facebook is like a fruit salad…some days I only want to eat the pineapple…some days I want to throw all kinds of fruit in there…and some days…this analogy isn’t working.

I’ll let you guys get back to your lives now, online or otherwise (whatever that would be), but I’ll leave you with this. Friendships are the kind of thing that you only get out of them what you put into them…except with me…with me you get more than double the friendship you put into me. So start filling me up with your friendship…you won’t be disappointed.

The Mayor

Dream a little dream for us

This idea came to me a few days ago and the more I think about it, the more I know it’s true. If there were one invention (that I swear I’ve recently seen in a movie but midnight googling while high on nail polish fumes yielded…well we won’t get into the sick things that google knows…but it was NOT helpful for this blog) that I think I would want and use on a daily/nightly basis it would be a dream recorder.

Now I may be overly curious about what it is that my brain chooses to do while trying to sort out and properly store the shit storm of input it gets during one day with me…but wouldn’t you be too? I remember when I was a kid and had a dream journal…the first time…and used to run to school to share it with my BF”F” so we could giggle about silly things, cringe at the scary…and try and decide what it meant for the future. I remember us having long conversations about how we’d try and meet each other each night in the dream world so we’d never have to stop having adventures together. (awwwwwww says the mom in me)

I’ve given this a lot of thought….there are many things that I’ve seen in movies that would be useful and/or fun to have around. This is just the one I know that I would use most often. Don’t get me wrong (you’ll find I say that a lot in my blogs) I’m sure in the responses I get to this I’ll get all kinds of awesome things that I’d love to have…maybe even more than this, but right now it’s all I can think about.

The best part of this…It may be “soon” (we are talking about science here so…next decade or so…maybe more…is soon enough for science) that we actually get to see this come about, I’m not going to post a link here because 1.) I don’t know how to make it open in a new tab nor do I choose to learn and 2.) do your  own damn googling!

So then I find  that thought always leads me to this one. Once we know our dreams are being recorded will they change? Will the simple act of knowing at a later time we will try and apply logic to them, change the dreams themselves? Will dreams adapt to protect their own processes keeping further secrets about us from us? Or will the simple ability to be able to scrutinize them later make it so we have more lucid dreams?

I don’t know the answer to any of those questions…at this point if anyone does, they aren’t sharing…but what I DO know is that if in my lifetime there is a project that I could participate in that would further this research I’ll be waitin in line to sign up. Unless…you know…I’m busy that night…

The point here is…it’s after midnight so officially St. Patricks day and instead of drinking I’m blogging for you. So go out, do some drinking, find a place to render yourself unconscious for a bit and drift off thinking that someday I may be able to upload what you dream about as you dream it, because you know after they complete step one…streaming dreams will become a thing.

Children and the way “we” grew up

now I know…I’m the youngin here…but hear me out.

This morning I was playing with the kiddos and Dameon, my son, was walking out of the room past my bookshelf when one of the 5 things on my bookshelf that is not a book or some form of decoration, caught his eye. It was a copy of Lego Star-Wars II which I was planning on giving him as a gift for (what ever the holiday that falls after he “finishes” the first one happens to be)…but this is not about my terrible gift hiding abilities ( note to self… “hiding in plain sight” doesn’t work with children)

So he runs into the living room grabs the box for his copy of the first game and comes back to compare “his” and “mine”. After a few min of this he looks up at me and says “MOM,  I had an idea…a Star Wars MOVIE!” what could I do but stare at him nod, blink, and smile…

My son, my 4 year old little guy…has no idea that Star Wars is a movie, and it’s my fault. So I started to wonder to myself why I hadn’t yet had a Star Wars movie spree.I suppose what it boiled down to is that I just don’t know if he’ll get them at this age…after all the brightly colored, children pandering, vomitously cheeky stuff he’s been fed as movies thus far, mostly by me.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I was raised on Disney movies; color, sound, ideas of love that don’t exist in the real world where all men had to be was rich and good looking (no really men ALL YOU NEED IS TO BE RICH AND GOOD LOOKING you might want to get on that) and although I will show my love for the “old days” of Disney black and white, by only coloring part of my Tinkerbell Tattoo, I didn’t live them. Can I really expect to find the same love for things like Star Wars and Labyrinth and Dark Crystal that I have, in my children?

I guess I have to assume that all parents go through this, the moment when they notice that as much as they loved specific things when they were kids, their own kids are totally different people…growing up in a totally different time, with totally different ideas of what entertainment is.


the question I pose then is this, what media do you love that is now out of date, forgotten, or simply losing its majesty?

-The Mayor


AKA tits, knockers, funbags, chesticles, Crystal and Lola…no wait that’s their names, breasts, cha-chas…oh hell here’s a list

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

An open letter to titties:

Dear Personal Pillows ,

I love you. I love the way you feel in my hands…the way you taste…the way I have to lather you with sunscreen if the sun is even thinking of coming out. I love the way you glisten when wet, the way that liquid rolls off of you. I love how you always manage to hold my head just right when I’m leaning on someone who has you…or how mine fit snugly between another pair as I hug someone with a matching set. You are amazing be you Bouncy and firm, or soft and heavy…be you small, large or anywhere in between. You are desired in a way which few things can parallel. You are the subject of fascination no matter what your current state or how long you’ve been around. You are amazing, glorious, spectacular, and wonderful at every moment. You offer control and confidence but can as easily take those things away, and although sometimes you make it hard to wear the cloths I want…or to squeeze into fun places like under my bed…I’d be a mess without you.  It is with these things in mind that I thank you every day for allowing me unlimited access to you. Oh hooters, oh Jugs I love you so.

- The Mayor

A Golden Fork in the Road

“I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve”

Furthermore many of you don’t know me very well at all. Don’t worry…we’ll fix that soon enough, but even those who do know me will have missed the awful funk I was in just before convention time this year…you’ll have missed it because for the most part, save a few people who are too close to me to be shielded, I kept it under wraps. Now I know it’s hard to fool you all…but if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s how to be happy on the outside, but none of that is what this is about…quite the opposite actually.

THIS is about the turn around. I’ve heard that sometimes in life all it takes is one good event one good change of the lighting to get things back on track. In my experience…sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t ( just about the same 50:50 ratio you get prayin to Joe Pesci) and sometimes when it works…it doesn’t last long (also like Joe Pesci)…but enough of the time it works and I think Genghis Con may have been it.

Bare with me here, I’m not saying Genghis Con changed my life (sorry Leif…not quite THAT good) but it was a step in the right direction…for me, and just a little bit of what I needed.

This convention brought with it something new to me. A chance to see people who’d had six months to miss me. Six months to mull over conversations…not that I think I was in the forefront of any ones thoughts for all that time that would be ridiculous… but still…I was there. Six months to get a better idea of what they thought of me based purely on one weekend, while I had six months to do the same.

Turns out…people like me even when I’m not around. Years ago someone told me that he would bet that I could walk into a room full of strangers and within 20 minutes know something about everyone, and before I left the room be friends with most of them…I think anyone who has seen me in public would almost have to agree…and anyone who didn’t agree should ask how many friends I ended up with who I didn’t even game with.

This had a point…I swear this was going somewhere…OH, right! I remember now. Genghis Con managed to open a slew of doors for me…it was a chance to look those people in the eye again and say “hey, remember me? Yes…I’m really as awesome as you recall. A hug?…You just want an excuse to press yourself against my boobs don’t you? Well…go ahead then. Very good.”

One of those people, who was less keen on pressing himself against my boobs, actually offered to pay me to promote something that I fell in love with at Tacticon. Tonight I set my mind to doing it, took it with me to work and got all excited about it again because this is something that has so much awesome in it that it makes me happy just to have it in my hands, and now that I’ve got it there…I have too many ideas of what I want to do with it. “What is it?” you ask. “it’s it” I reply…then present my copy of Steampunk Crescendo by Dave M. and this here is why I’m stuck. How the hell do you promote something that you love that isn’t yours? First thought…get to know it, inside and out, but how…how…

Make a group of all of your most active gaming friends and run it (or find a willing sap who will run it for you), and hope that the game sticks…so I think, what I really need now…to spread my love of this to the world…is someone to help me write, and run a game.

So, as life goes we get our ups we get our downs and every once in awhile something comes along that takes you somewhere new, somewhere fascinating, somewhere scary.

When these have become the concerns in my life…I’ve gotta say it’s time to
Forget about your sin – give the audience a grin
Enjoy it – it’s your last chance anyhow.

*walks off humming Always Look on the Bright Side of Life*

-The Mayor


(aka getting to know you, and yes you may hum along to the song from The King and I of that same name)
I know, this comes as quite a shock to many of you but I am, in fact, rather nerdy. It sure came as a shock to me…
I have noticed that it’s after con that I seem to be most aware of my geeky/nerdy nature. So here’s a little about how it came about. Growing up in Hawaii there was a severe limit to how much geek I could really experience but books were always abundant, I’ve been told the story of how I almost failed Kindergarten because I refused to follow directions and participate in nap time, the reason? Too busy reading the first graders books. I was the first girl in my 6th grade class to read the first Harry Potter book…told my teacher to get it on audio book and have the whole class read it…because “this book is amazing”. That’s my Harry Potter nerd claim, get over it.

Beyond using reading to try and expand my life past those little walls of my little world, I did start collecting…Pogs. Which was a collection I was rather proud of back when It was my main focus…until I realized that my big sister had totally kicked my ass on the Pog collecting front. Hell I think she still has hers. Oh, and let us not forget my Pokemon addiction…went to see the movie 3 times just to get the Mew-two cards. Shame, thy name is childhood.

Jump ahead in time to Austin Texas when I sat at my first D&D table, and was practically ignored because “girls can’t play D&D”. So I had a character…but nothing really came of her…that attempt or any of the others beyond that…there just wasn’t any place for me at the table. So I was pushed away from my RP friends to find new solice in a card game that my older brother had gotten into, Magic the Gathering. Which pretty much stuck with me through Highschool when I used to come to school early just to get a game in with some of my math teachers.

Austin was also the home of likely the nerdiest part of me, for I…to shame all others, am a Theatre nerd. I love the stage, everything about it…except being on it, and showtunes are my thing. Living in Austin, working for Austin Theatrical Supply and learning to sew have been some of the greatest times in my life. It is also worth meantioning that it was around this time that I found Firefly on tv and started watching it…only to have it snatched away from me…BROWNCOATS FOREVER!

Then…I took a break, moved around a bit…got married, had my wonderful children and fell into WOW :shudder: lost my character in the divorce (no, I’m not kidding), and found myself here in Colorado with a family full of geeks and gamers. With nothing but the joy slowly reimersing myself into the culture I had, without really knowing it, missed so much.  Then Wombatcast came into my life…and I have never been the same since…mostly because I used to love wearing underware but they have this rule… :sigh:

I guess what i’m getting at, what this is all really about is that I’ve found myself again, here…on a little nerd girl with big nerd dreams.

-your Mayor