StarFest 2012 and Ayla…uh…me.

So as all of you but the most troublesomely uneducated *cough* as I was a year ago so sue me *cough* will know, StarFest is a weekend event so as I sit here stalling and trying to figure out if I want to cover it as a whole thing, story to story…or day by day…or event by event, which all come out to be about the same thing….I’m also messing around on Facebook.

I think it’s important to start the story where it started for me which is the text my big sister sent me telling me that Jewel Staite was going to be at StarFest this year and that I could meet her. That was months ago, and as happy as meeting Jewel Staite would have made me, It wasn’t something that was at the forefront of my mind until it got closer and I said to Justin that it was coming up and he contacted them about Press passes….sorta, the story is longer than that but this post is too long to begin with so let’s move right along now.

Although I didn’t know if I could tell anyone at the time, and for a long time afterward I wasn’t allowed to, I was told 3-14 (although not at 1:59 which I blame Justin for) that I was going to be getting a press pass. And. I. Flipped! There was just no way that I thought I’d be able to go…but I did. This is where we get to the story part of the story.

My awesome family and I got there Friday afternoon, later than expected of course but the time spent buying lemons was VITAL damn it! More on that later. We checked in (super awesome fun for you guys to be reading about) and I paced around trying to figure out what to wear to the Meet and Greet that I had bought tickets for so that I could meet Jewel Stait, still who I was most looking forward to see, and everyone else, who were also really damn cool!

So I’m sitting at the table with, okay hell I’ll admit I don’t remember who the first guest at the table I happened to sit down at was because the second person to sit down (directly to my left) was John Noble. Less than three minutes later we had our arms linked and were leaning on eachother, how? trade secret…yeah, that’s what we’ll call it. Then the bell that signaled that the guests had to switch tables chimed and he stood to leave I asked for a proper hug goodbye and got cheek kiss #1. the rest of the Meet and Greet progressed wonderfully with my 2nd favorite guest who sat with us being J. G. Hertzler who sat at our table for three rounds screaming things like “OH LEAVE US ALONE ALREADY!” each time the bell chimed. The final guest we had before we were all dismissed was Dee Wallace who talked A LOT and ended up sharing something with us that we had to promise not to tell people so (no really I respect that I wasn’t allowed to tell…sorry, it’s REALLY awesome!)

They announce that the Meet and Greet has ended, I stood, looked at the door…and walk pointedly away to see if I could find anyone I wanted to talk to who didn’t make it to my table. Such as seeing if Jewel had made it and just not managed to get to my table, turns out she was working, but I saw that the table John (Noble) was at hadn’t gotten up yet, and the seat next to him unoccupied. As I sat down he looked up from his story (about how Fox shouldn’t have canceled Firefly, Just sayin), looked me in the eyes and said “where HAVE you BEEN all night?” I replied “I know, I was supposed to be following you around, I failed, I’m sorry” I smiled at him took his arm and let him finish what he was saying.

Now comes the part where I made a mistake that I’d rather not relay over the Internet but suffice to say that the “getting Ayla an interview” ball was rolling and John seemed as excited about it as I was. After the M&G I was floating on air, I wandered around the atrium a bit till I made a REALLY awesome new friend wearing a toga (have I said yet that I love StarFest), then wandered around a bit with my niece…till I made the mistake of walking outside on 420 and nearly died, another story I’d rather not get into.
Despite not sleeping that night, not for the reasons you guys are thinking I promise. I got into the elevator and said to the group at large “so, the reason I gathered you all here…” which I was doing ALL weekend and managed to start the day off with a guy who was dressed as Captain Hammer in that elevator telling me that the hammer was his penis. I spent the day wandering around waiting for people I knew to find me or for new people to become friends with and also waiting for the phone call that would let me know if there was any way the interview could actually happen. Guess where I was when I found out (side note, do you know how hard it is to find a clip of Homer Simpson saying “Let’s just say I’m sitting in the right chair.” and how sad it is to me that some of you won’t get that reference from the episode where he tries to be Thomas Edison…but I digress). I got the interview, it was to be done at 6:30 that night and I was asked where I wanted it to happen.

About that time Justin finally got HIS ass to the hotel and boy did I have a story to tell him! We wandered, we chatted, we brainstormed about what to ask, he left. I went to stand in line for my photo with Jewel who had finally arrived. I was standing in line behind one of the many awesome incarnations of the Doctor who entertained me well enough that it seemed like only a little time had passed till I was standing next to Jewel with her arm around me and mine on her waist. (I was so gorram happy in that moment and no one got to see how happy it made me except my doctor…oh, and anyone who sees the picture).

The interview was still ahead and I was getting a bit stressed, wanted to relax…I..uh…overly relaxed and had to get back to a happy medium. When I showed up to the place that the interview was going to happen I found out that we were going to be taped…with two cameras…it was going to be like a REAL interview. John even walked in smiled at me and said “Well, it looks like we made it happen!”

So, with the interview done and my nerves totally out of control I went again in search of a friend…or an anyone really…I ran into someone who I had random bits of conversation with and hung out with him and his friends for the most of the rest of that night…relaxing and socializing in the way that nearly everyone relaxes and socializes on Saturday night at StarFest. Although I’m not sure how many people were slowly changing into random parts of a suit that they weren’t the only one wearing that night…

Sunday, the final day, came along quite promptly I found myself Cos playing Life with my niece and handing out lemons, except our last ones that we made into lemonade. Then sneaking up on people because, sometimes Life sneaks up on you, and turning everything into a really deep comment by figuring out how Life would react to something or what Life would say. That continued as my niece and I wandered around trying to find the people we each wanted to see the most, I never found mine…but it’s okay he was busy planning cool things for next year.

According to my nephew this is where I lost some nerd/ geek points because I decided to try and tan a bit and get a little sun while everyone was finishing up and heading to the car… I was just happy because the sun was warm on my belly.

StarFest was wonderful, the people I met were all really really awesome and I walked away with some real friends I hope. I also walked away with one of the most awesome moments of my life on camera.

–The Mayor

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