Remodeling For a Brighter Future

OK…we don’t have an episode today. I am sorry about that. Truth be told we did record yesterday, but the quality wasn’t there. There have been some behind the scenes discussions on our desire to keep WombatCast fresh and fun. I think last night we realized we need to make some changes and what we recorded wasn’t good at all.┬áDon’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere and WombatCast is going to move forward! We have already been discussing what is best for us, the show, and our loyal fans.

So please be patient while we figure out what WombatCast 2.0 will be. No one likes change, but sometimes you need to tinker with things and make slight adjustments to improve things. We are going to take at least another week to meet and discuss. Hopefully in a week or two the next episode will roll out and we will move forward again!

What can really help us is you, our fans, to give us some feedback on what we can do to make the show enjoyable. I asked this already on our FB page and the forums, and I am asking again. What do you like? What do you want to see changed? Is there a kind of topic you want to hear the three of us talk about? Let us know here or on the forums!

We will return…

4 thoughts on “Remodeling For a Brighter Future

  1. I think under an hour would be awesome, but that’s just cuz im selfish and wanna get to hear the entire episode in one traffic-infused session. I often miss the last 10 minutes or so and forget to go back to listen.

    Giveaways are always fun too. Even if it’s a worthless roll of toiletpaper or something, people still like to WIN :)

    Goodluck on Wombatcast2.0! Just don’t change the logo- I don’t wanna buy another tshirt.

  2. Here’s my two cents:

    For me, what makes Wombatcast worth my time is that it feels like the sort of banter that happens around a gaming table before, after or sometimes during a game session. It has a lot of cultural references, most of which I get (I’m a bit behind the tech curve, admittedly), but the approach is still firmly grounded in general geekdom, sometimes gamer geekdom in particular.

    There are plenty of gaming podcasts. RoleplayDNA comes to mind (wink wink, nudge nudge). These gaming-oriented podcasts seem to concentrate on the hard skills associated with the hobby; judging the rules, GMing well, playing well, etc. In a word, they handle the Crunch.

    I would like for Wombatcast to handle the Fluff. I would like to hear gamers talking about what they like about the hobby from an audience’s point of view. Discussions of what settings you guys enjoy most (and why), character development, new developments in GamerGeek culture, and even things like game-related music and artwork. As a GM, I would love to have a podcast that is like a group of gamers discussing what they like and what they don’t like, so I can get a feel for where my head should be as I compose fiction or prep for games.

    Aside from those personal views, I would suggest more substance to the podcast. I enjoy listening to the guys hanging out and joking around as much as anyone, and I would love it even more if there were a set subject that was discussed and brought to a resolution. Also, many of the recordings feel a bit chaotic, with people talking over each other and so on. I know that this is part of Wombatcast’s appeal. I feel as though I am sitting in at the big, loud, obviously fun table at the Con/bar/tavern. Yet this can only entertain for so long without a substantial topic. I understand. Radio stations hire professional comedians to provide this on the air, and even they have their off days. No one can be expected to perform all the time.

    If Wombatcast is feeling off their game, then perhaps a mission statement or even a business plan should be composed (if you don’t already have one, that is). This will ensure that everyone knows what to expect, and more importantly, keeps a clear vision in sight for the producers, when determining the programming and performance of the recordings.

    Finally, I want to communicate my appreciation for what Wombatcast does for the community. Charity game days, game convention sponsorship and providing links to strengthen the network of geeks and gamers of all stripes is a valuable and rewarding endeavor. I would argue that these things are Wombatcast’s most important work. I would definitely like to see more of that sort of thing.

    Not to spew criticism without offering any solution, I would gladly volunteer some time and sweat (no blood or tears) to help keep this wombat casting!


  3. If I had to name any kind of ‘issue’ I have with the show it would have to be sound. I admit the hearing damage I’ve sustained is of my own doing and no fault of WombatCast, but…In order to hear the softer talkers/lower voiced people (Matt and Will specifically), Andy becomes deafening to me. I’ve farted around with my sound levels in an attempt to even them out but can’t seem to find a happy balance. It always sounds like Andy is an inch from the mic and the others are a foot or more away. Unless….Does Andy deep throat the mic during recordings….?

    Aside from that, the only thing I might possibly offer is maybe regulate a format. I DO enjoy the show as is, obviously, since I listen every week we’re blessed with a new hour of juicy, vulgar deliciousness. But speaking as someone that knows nothing about technology and even less about gaming (unless the discussions focus on Atari, I know me some shit about Astroids and Frogger!), I find myself in information overload sometimes. And in that vein it sometimes feels as tho the formula, that chemistry that you all share, gets stifled for time. Perhaps you try to cover too many topics in a single episode. It sounds like you all sit down with a list of topics you want to cover and then end up holding yourselves back at times to be able to squeeze it all into the hour. If one week focuses a larger chunk of time to technology only, the next week more on all things gaming and so on, I think it may free you from the stopwatch to get in depth like you seem to want to with any given subject and still allow your natural banter (that which inspired the show to begin with, right?) to flow unrestrained.

    Or, I’m talking out of my ass and everything I just said is the worst possible advice in the world. Personally, even I have my doubts……

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