Episode 29: What’s Old is New Again

smJ_round_logo_color1400The Savage Mommy and Chris Landauer get together to discuss ways to bring Veteran and New players together at your table. We talk about the state of the show, what our plans are in the future and share a bit of Savage Worlds news.

Episode 28: Shaking the Rift

SJBG_round_white144x144The Savage Mommy is trying to get a module published, the perils of dictating what players do in an adventure, Savage Mommy will be at GenCon, the crew of Smiling Jack’s will be at Tacticon and running a panel, Savage Rifts has been announced, what trip-ups are there in converting Rifts into SW that we see, are there games or settings that can’t be converted to Savage Worlds, the updated Shaken Rule.

Episode 27: Keep it Cinematic

smJ_round_logo_color1400We welcome Christopher Landauer as today’s guest host, we give you some news, and talk about how to make the conceptual parts of Savage Worlds more cinematic. Also, a bonus interview with Shane Hensley!

Fabled Environments Wild West Floorplans Kickstarter

Episode 26: Tough Hindrances

smJ_round_logo_color1400Happy New Year, The Savage Mommy and Justin welcome Derek to the show, Derek is a co-host on RoleplayDNA and Tales Around the Campfire, we talk about how easy it is to use the Savage Worlds rules to adapt any story to, the guys catch you up with what they have been playing and what happened over the holidays, this episodes discussion is about hindrances that seem to cause the most challenges in Savage Worlds.

The State of Smiling Jack’s Bar and Grill

smJ_round_logo_color1400I start this blog post off with an admission, I haven’t played a Savage Worlds game since Labor Day weekend. Let that settle in for a little bit.

The truth of the matter is I haven’t had much time to game at all. Nor have I had time to record or edit podcasts. What’s happened? Well fellow Savage let me tell you.

In August I was told I would be getting a promotion at work. This was wonderful news, as I always aspire to evolve in my career and this was the next step for me. Shortly after that my wife and I decided it was time to move into a new house, so we began the process of getting our old home ready to sell. Then life sensed I wasn’t juggling enough, my Mother was hospitalized with a serious illness, which a month later would claim her life.

Any of the three items would individually keep most people busy enough, having to wade through all three was a steel hardening experience. And as a co-host, producer, and editor of Smiling Jack’s it meant I had zero time to work on the podcast. I’m not going to say sorry for the fact that my life hit some rough seas, but rather ask that you wait just a little longer for the show to get back on its feet.

The Savage Mommy and I are now planning our next recording time, which will hopefully be soon. The good news is I am in a new house that has a great place to record in. But I am still moving in and the recording gear is still in boxes, so I need a little more time to get things settled.

We are also looking for a new co-host to take Doug’s empty seat at the microphone. Also we are looking at providing some more actual play shows, I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy recording them.

So dear Savages, stay tuned for some more Smiling Jack’s. I’m planning on 2015 to be quite the year for us.

Keep it savage


Live From GenCon 2014 Part 2

smJ_round_logo_color1400The Savage Mommy got some more interviews while at GenCon. He interviewed:

Bill Keyes

Matthew Hansen

Vicki Beaver

Ross Watson and John Dunn

Eric Simon

Will Herman

Live From GenCon 2014 Part 1

smJ_round_logo_color1400The Savage Mommy was at GenCon2014 and this is the audio he captured at the Savage Worlds panel. Just after that finishes up you will hear Chris’ interview with Shane Hensley and Clint Black. There will be more Savage interviews coming in part 2.

Actual Play: Day After Ragnarok Part 2

SJBG_AlbumCover_300And now, the epic conclusion to Smiling Jack’s Bar and Grill Actual Play of Day After Ragnarok.

Actual Play: Day After Ragnarok Part 1

smJ_round_logo_color1400The Smiling Jack crew and some friends play The Day After Ragnarok. Enjoy!

Special: Review of Unframed

Chris sits down with Ed and Derek from RoleplayDNA to give you their review and thoughts of Engine Publishings newest book Unframed: The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters.