Name Your Game in Traffic!

Veronica Blessing

I was sitting in traffic earlier this week trying very hard not to listen to my daughter prattling on in the backseat (I don’t care what Angel said to Emma today at lunch. Maybe that makes me a bad mom but I don’t). Staring off into space, I noticed the car in front of me had the word PATHFINDER emblazoned in bold silvery letters on the spare tire. It got me wondering.  A quick Google search later (not while I was driving; don’t worry) taught me that the first Nissan Pathfinder rolled off the line in 1985 while the game Pathfinder was not announced until 2008. This means that at some point there is a chance somebody ELSE was sitting in traffic (perhaps trying to ignore THEIR offspring), staring off into space at the car in front of them, and suddenly thought “Wow!  That would make the perfect name for my new game!”

I just had to give this a try.

The next time I was behind the wheel I started looking at the names of the cars around me. Never before had I notice the virtual treasure trove of brilliant game titles surrounding me!  I noticed games like “Xterra: A Game of Superheroic Space Exploration.” I could take my party and journey through the high fantasy world of “Elantra” or don my armor and defend Camelot in a rousing game of “Prius.” I giggled the whole way to work. Some car names don’t make good titles by themselves, so you have to combine them with other cars to make fun names. For example, the Ranger and the Mustang wouldn’t make good RPG titles.  When you put them together, however, you get “Mustang Ranger”, which is clearly some sort of kick ass My Little Pony spin off.

I find myself incredibly amused by this. It has officially replaced Radio Divination as my go-to stuck in traffic game. You owe it to yourself, as a gamer, to give this a shot.  Who knows? Maybe something will strike a chord, and you’ll dash home to write up the setting. If you do, I totally want a credit in your book.

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2 Responses to Name Your Game in Traffic!

  1. Derek says:

    Love it Vern.

    There are so many places out there where the muse hides–you have to find her and sometimes, as you said she’s in two places at once and you must find both of them and put the pieces together in the proper order for her to show her face.

  2. Lee Langston says:

    LOL. Ok… may have to start looking at this for my next game…

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