Episode 0 : Introductions

Episode 0 of RoleplayDNA. Ron, Vern, Ed, Lee, and Justin introduce themselves and talk about who they are and what RoleplayDNA is.

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6 Responses to Episode 0 : Introductions

  1. Tomg says:

    What a crew!
    Looking forward to listening to the new show.

  2. The RPG Guy says:

    I’m liking the first episode! 5 of you is a bit difficult to follow to know who is talking… would suggest to say who you are when you talk.

    Did he just say, “Jersy-shore fist pump?” LOL

  3. Justin says:

    Indeed I did say that.

  4. Ralph Plowman says:

    Can I be the one to say that Veronica probably won’t need to announce herself when she talks!
    Looking forward to episode 1…

  5. Sean says:

    Maybe it’s because this is just the introduction, but I really liked this episode. It’s got a casual chattiness, and hit on some really interesting discussion of what makes RPG’s fun for each of you. I think I’m going to enjoy RoleplayDNA.

    I also have some trouble telling who’s talking, but for the most part it doesn’t matter much. I think introducing yourself with each sentence would be a mess. Just give a quick self introduction at the beginning of each episode, and I’ll quickly learn to tell your voices apart.

  6. Steelegrave says:

    ” I hate Drizzt, the only one of those guys I like is Angel from Buffy”

    What was left unsaid was; “’cause I secretly wanna be a chick”

    Otherwise nice podcast so far. I look forward to more.

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